Anonymous asked: I think Im in love with you

I don’t have enough chiken nuggets…


Honestly, I liked you for your looks

but then I realized your flaws

& fell in love with you because of it.

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^—- what I wantV—- MY LIFE



^—- what I want


The person I reblogged this from is beautiful.

*reblogs le self*

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My asian parents never gave me the sex talk, but

here I am sitting in my grandma’s room as she’s telling me NOT to sleep
around and to AVOID having babies and to never marry a “blak peeple”

I’m laughing and creying so hard right now.

joeycab asked: i love u

it’s not dat yew is not beautiful

it’s just that yew is not beautiful to me.

me loves chiken nuggets srrry.

So I saw this advice


Find three hobbies you love: one to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative.

I kind of like it.

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…and the sad thing is, he can stab me in the heart a thousand times, and I’d still love him.

joeycab asked: i have a chicken nugget for u [;

i dont want chicken nuggets

i want chiken nuggets

joeycab asked: go to sleep

i can’t sleep when i’m dyin


No one will ever understand the relationship you have with someone no matter how bad or amazing it is. Only you know what really happens behind closed doors. People can get an idea but will never see the full picture.

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xstrax asked: I'm pretty sure walmart is 24/7 lol

walmart dont hab chiken nuggets.

One of the biggest struggles in life

is being hungry  Starving at 2AM with nothing to eat.


Anonymous asked: I'm unfollowing you

you is a bitch nigguh