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You tend to distance yourself from others because you feel that they’re going to leave anyway.

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Being in a relationship is kinda like Pokemon.

If someone really wants to be with you
they better have a lot of fuckin balls to catch you.
You’re a fuckin rare legendary not some easy rattata.

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I miss the “talking stage”


the butterflies,
the flirting,
losing sleep,
the good morning/night texts.

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I love taking short naps,

but there’s a problem.

My short naps are never short.
I always end up waking up at midnight finding myself alone. 

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Anonymous asked: What happened to your last relationship?

It was a complicated long distance relationship.
I’d pay her 19.45 and $3 tip just to see her.
She makes bomb ass pizza <3

I was a jerk
So things broke off.

Anonymous asked: why aren't you looking for anyone to be your other half? Do you like anyone?

1.  I want to learn how to be independently happy, love my life 
then I’d like to share it with her. <3

Who wants someone who has problems? :)

2. I don’t like anyone.


My silence does not mean that I quit
It means that I don’t want to argue with someone
who just don’t want to understand.

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Anonymous asked: You're ugly like not even cute tf

Cool because I don’t want you to be attracted to me anyway.

Num num :)

Num num :)



i miss you                                         a lot. 

i miss you                                           too

being at yo ex’s wedding and yelling out 

"I FUCKED HER FIRST" then run away

stop unfollowing me T_T